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Odoo implementation

Easy integration for your company

Odoo is : 


Odoo covers many different business processes


Modules can be installed on demand. New modules can be developped.


Odoo has  a free open-source version


User interface is optimized for simplicity


It is accessible from anywhere, from any device.


Everything is customizable, there is no limit, you know you will never be blocked.

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Changing habits is not easy. We help you set up the software, but we also help you train your users and make the transition smooth. 


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Each company is unique, and has specific processes. That's why we make adaptations to make your software match perfectly your needs.

We develop complete modules, or we adapt existing modules. We make connections with other software. We automate repetitive tasks to free up time for your employees.



With the web-based tehcnology, everything is simple for you. Nothing to install.

We take care of hosting and all technical work.

You don't need to think about it.


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Invest a little time

to win a lot of time

We measure the return on investment of your ERP project.

It should save time for your employees. It should bring more value to your customers. It should allow faster growth. It should cut costs. It should allow you to make better strategic and operational choices that will translate into better profitability of your business.

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You want an easy integration of Odoo ?

Let's discuss it